Drew Edwards rides the Epic on a SHAMANN

Our team attended our first Epic Run and Cycle event this year. One of the biggest events on the calendar for Queensland.


We not only brought a score of bikes from Kellys, Sunn and Thok but also a couple of our ambassadors. One being Drew Edwards who is a known face of the MTB community in Tasmania. We handed Drew one of the Sunn Shamann cross country bikes in the spec topping ‘Finest’ model.


Drew’s wrap up of the weekend smiles and pain in hot conditions for a Tassie boy.

Shamann Finest.jpg

Wow what a fantastic weekend! Weather was perfect conditions for fast racing due to a sprinkling of rain on Saturday that bed the tracks down into a speed strip. Arriving Saturday I clamped my eyes on the Sunn Shamann Finest for the first time in the flesh. I have been looking at photos for a couple of months and was blown away by the attention to detail and the quality build. The seat post clamp says it all and I won’t spoil it for everyone else by saying more. It’s a must see. 


 I pushed out 25km on Saturday to see if the Shamann and I were going to get along and shake out any bugs. The Shamann lives up to every expectation of a 29” bike delivering a quick pace and rewarding any effort. What I did not expect was the stability it delivered with instant reaction to any input from the rider flicking around obstacles without protest or recourse. This bike is equally happy in the air and floating over the rough, it leaves me with and E-bike grin and wishing I had more to match it’s pedigree! I think much of this is due to the 29” stability and grip combined with a short wheel base made possible by the unique design. But can not leave out the precision delivered by the Mavic boost wheelset and Rockshox full carbon crown steerer. It’s a lot of bike!


 Sunday, wow the elite 55km gun start was met with a flurry of pedals and some fast paced riding. The day was clear and I think people knew that to avoid the heat, part of the battle against time. This little Tassie boy needed a 20 minute composure break at the 25km drink stop to deal with 28-32˚C and cramps. But after some oranges advice from other competitors on how to deal with cramp (thanks), a good drink and short walk up the next hill I was ready to stave off cramp off for the next 30km.


Taking it easy on the Shamann climbing with ease and flying through the downhills I still managed to peg back time and get a 30th position. There were a lot of people out there going through all kinds of battles, I even saw a few on single speeds looking for their sanity!

Was a great day thanks to all involved and I’ll be back again!

See you all at the Epic 2019!